Hiya! :D This is my SimJournal, I post all kinds of in-game pics and follow my favorite simmers stories and legacies along with cc creators. I will occasionally post a story or Legacy but I'm terrible about keeping up with it D: oh and I am always in need of more Sim friends so if you want add me and I will add you back! WCIF Friendly.

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posting quite a few mmo's im slacking i know, but im also doing the 30 days of sim making mini-challengeee dun dun dun, although i will be skipping some of them because i suck.


maybe im a little late to the game but for pictures do most of you use FRAPS? or do you just take it the normal in-game way, as i've been doing. Except I took Tara Kat's pics with fraps and I'm noticing the pics are ALOT clearer, the only thing I dislike is having to edit the photos to crop out the pause red line, that and pics aren't all the same size. Eh I'm just curious <3 :)

Uberhood: Bluewater Village - The Ramirez Family

Me again! Moving onto a family I rarely play and by rarely I mean never... ever... not at all. Anyway I'm beginning to think I should only play 3 sim days because starting off in Bluewater it's nothing but families who own businesses and I spend atleast 3 days on community lots and then when they get back home its early morning so it translates into a full week, I'm not so sure any of that made sense... o.0 anyway. Previous: Delarose. Jacquet.
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re-vamping got boring as i'm virtually clueless on editing css plus i just really wanted to play sims...
lately i've been playing the Brokes, i played them and Dustin actually got married to a townie named Tina Thayer.
thus: this beauty :3